Create a Page

The traditional way to create pages in wiki is to add pages by editing some text and making a link to the page you want to create. To make this a bit simpler for a newcomer you can use the Hamburger Menu situated in the black bar at the bottom of the browser window.

# Quick video tutorial

Here is a 2 minute video showing you visually how to go about this.

VIMEO 505660182 Quick video tutorial on how to create a wiki-page

Essentially: 1. Click on Hamburger Menu to open green wiki-page 1. Choose Create New Page from the options 1. Fill in the page name you want in the form 1. Click on the `create` form button 1. Note the ghost-page you just created 1. If it is good? Click on the Fork Button 1. Add a factory to the page 1. Edit the factory (markdown preferred)

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